Omid specialty and subspecialty Hospital

Admission and Clearance

Guidance for the admission of in-patients :

+ Offering of the order of hospitalization the attending plıysician mcdical admission unit of the hospital

+ Offering of the national ID card , birth certificate documents . insurance notebook and introduction letter of the supplementary insurance

+ Recourse of patients or their attendances by having the order of hospitalization and financial verification form to the discharge unit in other to perform the financial verification.

+ Recourse of patients to the word after coordinating with the respective wards ( it is donewith the admission unit person in charge ) Issuance of an attendance card (optional) with the coordination of the respective ward


Guidance of the way of discharging in patients:

+ Signature and seal of the case by the attending physician

+ Completion of the case in the respective case

+ Sending the case to the respective units such as the operating room , Para clinic , pharmacy etc.by the secretory of the unit in other to be completed.